Yvonne Wise

Yvonne Wise currently serves as Chief Curator and head of the Office of Arts & Culture for the Port of San Diego. Under Wise’s leadership, the office manages and develops public art programs, cultural programming, special initiatives and exhibitions that enable residents and visitors to the region to engage with art in the public realm. The Office of Arts & Culture is committed to providing opportunities for residents and visitors of California to experience artwork that embodies the essence of the Port’s maritime, environmental and civic character.

Prior to joining the Port of San Diego, Yvonne Wise served as Public Art Director for the City of Philadelphia. As Director, Wise was responsible for a collection of 1000+ artworks and the percent-for-art and conservation/collections management programs.

Wise holds an MFA and has 18+ years experience in government / public sector public arts programs and has been active in the fine arts field for 20+ years.