Mayor Proposes Partial Restoration of Funding Cuts – Our Position: Restore All the Cuts

Mayor Proposes Partial Restoration of Funding Cuts
 Our Position – Restore All the Cuts
The San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition is pleased that the Mayor has heard the community’s message about how devastating the 31% cut to arts and culture funding would be. But reducing it to a 15% cut with a $12.8 million allocation is still going to result in lost jobs and program cuts.
We maintain that at least a flat $15.1 million budget would have less negative impact to the investment city-funded arts, culture and science groups have in the community.  TOT revenue continues to grow; maintaining flat funding at $15.1 million still frees money for other General Fund uses.
Put in context of where we should be with the city’s promise of Penny for the Arts at $22 million of TOT funds, we still have a long way to go.   We trust that Councilmembers will see the impact to their districts and support a flat $15.1 budget as they review the budget over the next two weeks, and that after budget season we can bring everyone together to find a long term solution to fully fund the promise of Penny for the Arts.