Arts Leaders Meet with Congresswoman Susan Davis

San Diego Arts Leaders Ron Jessee, Victoria Hamilton, Dalouge Smith, and John Malashok met with Representative Susan Davis (second from right), who has been a steady arts and culture supporter. The group met with Rep. Davis to discuss proposals for strengthening inclusion of arts education in the next version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and to ask for her support of funding for the National Endowment for the Arts.

Spread the News: It’s Your City, and Your Arts Scene

by Christopher Ashley
Published in the San Diego Union-Tribune July 25, 2010

“Our cultural ecosystem has quietly flourished over the past two decades, yielding vibrant centers for live theater, visual arts, dance, opera, classical and contemporary music. We have a staggering number of pioneering artists, quality arts organizations, adventurous audiences and committed supporters. San Diego is at the tipping point of becoming a major, nationally recognized arts center. Yet even now, whenever I ask San Diegans what distinguishes us from other cities, our arts scene rarely makes the Top 10. It is up to us to change that.”

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Arts in Crisis, Funding Needed

by John Eger,
Published July 8, 2010 in The San Diego Union-Tribune

“Today the arts are being cut to one of the lowest points in history…As demand for a new workforce to meet the challenges of a global knowledge economy is rapidly increasing, nothing could be more important in this period of our nation’s history than art and an art infused education. It may seem ludicrous to say it, but we really need to be spending more on the arts and art education. Much more.”

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New Campaign to Promote Arts and Culture

The City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture and the San Diego Foundation have partnered on a multi-faceted initiative designed to assist arts and culture organizations to survive the economic downturn and ultimately thrive in a new world economy as part of their Survive and Thrive Initiative. Additional support is provided by the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau (ConVis), California Arts Council, San Diego Grantmakers and other funders.

Click here to see the campaign on the ConVis website:

Want Job Creation? Try the Arts

by San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition Chair Dalouge Smith
Published March 1, 2009 in The San Diego Union-Tribune

“Our local officials, especially in the city of San Diego, now have the chance to give congressional members a lesson in leadership by maintaining stable funding for arts and culture to mitigate further job and program losses. Investing in the economic strength of San Diego’s cultural assets is an investment in our financial and civic future….”

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The Art of Competitiveness

by San Diego Regional Arts and Culture Coalition Chair Dalouge Smith
Published October 29, 2008 in The San Diego Union-Tribune

“To flourish in the new world economy, we need to take a whole-brain approach to preparing everyone for both left-brain and right-brain thinking. Clearly the arts, with their contributions to design, ability to foster the imagination needed to innovate, and grounding in emotional communication have an important role to play in our long-term economic competitiveness as a nation and as a community….”

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