Annual Calendar for Advocacy

There is always a way to advocate on behalf of San Diego arts and culture, no matter what the season.

In fact, communication with elected officials is most effective when it is ongoing, rather than simply during election time or for a crucial vote. Take the time now to get to know the people who represent you, and tell them who you are and why you care about arts and culture. You do not need to know about specific legislation to talk about why government should support arts and culture. You just need to let your elected officials know that you think the government has an important role to play concerning arts and culture funding.


Renew your Coalition Membership or become a Coalition Member and sign up to receive our Action Alert e-mails.Map out when your organization will invite elected officials to participate in events or attend events at your organization for the year ahead.

State – The California State Legislature convenes and the State budget is released.

Federal – Congress goes into session.


Mail your organization’s Annual Report to Elected Officials.


Local – Communicate with the Mayor and City Council about your organization and how you are serving San Diego.

Federal – Participate in National Arts Advocacy Day.


Local – Attend budget hearings at the City Council, and be sure to sign in so that your presence is noted.

County – Arrange a meeting with your County Supervisor if you are applying for Community Enhancement Funds.

Federal – Congress holds hearings on the National Endowment for the Arts budget.


Local – City Council revises budget.

Anticipate this as a key month each year for local arts advocacy in San Diego, and make time in your schedule to be involved.

State State budget is issued and may be revised.

Keep abreast of what is happening with California Arts Council funding, arts education funding, and any other related budget items.

May 18 – International Museum Day – museums can offer free admission or special programs.


Let your elected officials know what your organization has planned and invite them to attend/participate.

Local City budget is finalized.

State State budget scheduled to be finalized by June 15.


Ask the candidates in your district if they support arts and culture. If they do, volunteer for their campaigns. If they don’t, reeducate them on the importance of arts and culture to your district.

Local Send thank you letters to City Council and to the Mayor for their support of arts and culture in the City budget process.

State – Send thank you letters to the Governor and to your legislators for their support in the state budget process.


Contact your legislators. Invite them to a local arts festival or event. [link to Advocacy Tips for Individuals page]

Local and County Plan and announce events for National Arts and Humanities Month (takes place in October of each year.)


State – The state legislature is in recess, so take the opportunity to schedule a visit with your state legislator in his or her office.

If there is a November election, participate in the campaigns of candidates who support arts and culture.


National Arts and Humanities Month. Implement events, publish op-ed pieces.

California Arts Day is the first Friday in October. Visit for ideas on how to support this initiative.


Collect your legislators’ names and contact information so that you are ready to take action during the upcoming session.

Volunteer to help the Coalition prepare for the upcoming legislative session.


Send congratulations notes to newly- and re-elected officials.

Add your legislators and other elected officials to your holiday card list.