Action Alert Update – City Budget Memos – Thank You to Council

ACTION ALERT UPDATE – SUCCESS! Six of Nine City of San Diego Council Members Include Arts and Culture Funding as a Priority for 2019-20

ACTION REQUESTED: Thank City Council Members NOW for Including Arts & Culture Funding as a Priority in Their Budget Memos

ACTION NEEDED BY Tuesday, February 5

Thanks to effective outreach by arts and culture organizations, 6 out of 9 Council members included Arts and Culture funding a PRIORITY in their budget memos to the Office of the Independent Budget Analyst last week. This is a big success as 3 of the 6 Councilmembers are new to Council. (Campbell, Montgomery, Moreno) SDRACC Steering Committee members met with each of them during the campaign and asked up front if they would include Arts and Culture as a priority, and it is gratifying to see them follow through right away with their promise of support.

This is the language that is included in the Analyst’s Report:

City Council Budget Priorities

Arts and Culture (Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9)

A majority of Councilmembers prioritized either increasing Arts and Culture funding or maintaining funding at the FY 2019 level. The FY 2019 Adopted Budget included a total of $14.5 million for Arts and Culture, of which $3.9 million came from one-time resources. These one-time funds were not included in the Mayor’s Outlook, which included $10.6 million in baseline expenditures for Arts and Culture in FY 2020.

You can read the entire Report here.

What can you do? Time to say “Thank you!”
Send an email to these 6 Council members to thank them for including Arts and Culture as a high priority in their Budget Memo. Reference stories about arts programs and audience engagement that you provide in THEIR district – this is very important.

We are interested in results.
Please let us know if Councilmembers respond and what they say by sending information to SDRACC Association Manager Jessica Amaya at

Next Important Date: April 12, 2019 – Mayor releases FY 2020 Proposed Budget

Thank you!

District 1 Barbara Bry
District 2 Dr. Jennifer Campbell
District 3 Chris Ward
District 4 Monica Montgomery
District 8 Vivian Moreno
District 9 Council President Georgette Gomez