Action Alert – Preserve City of San Diego Arts and Culture Funding

Preserve City of San Diego Arts and Culture Funding
San Diego has long been a national leader in its commitment to public funding of the arts, however, the Mayor’s recommendation to cut arts and culture by $4.7 million is over a 31% cut to the Commission for Arts and Culture. Compared to other city departments this is a disproportionate cut and is unfair.
We need to encourage Councilmembers to bring equity to the process and continue their support of arts and culture.
Please contact members of the San Diego City Council today with the following message:
Dear Councilmember (Name):
I am writing on behalf of (xyz organization or individual), and as a member of the San Diego Regional Arts & Culture Coalition, to thank you for your ongoing support of arts and culture. We respectively request that you urge the Mayor to continue supporting Penny for the Arts and to support a flat $15.1 budget for arts and culture for the FY18 budget.  As an (organization, artist, arts donor), City funding (tell your story here).  Thank you.
City Council Email Addresses
District 1
Council President Barbara Bry
District 2
Councilmember Lorie Zapf

District 3
Councilmember Chris Ward
District 4
Council President Myrtle Cole
District 5
Councilmember Mark Kersey
District 6
Councilmember Chris Cate
District 7
Councilmember Scott Sherman
District 8
Councilmember David Alvarez
District 9
Councilmember Georgette Gomez
Thank you for advocating for a vibrant arts and culture community!