Action Alert: Possible Repeal of Historic Tax Credits for Historic Preservation​

Action Alert: Possible Repeal of Historic Tax Credits for Historic Preservation​

Your support is needed: Let Congress know that you want to save the Historic Tax Credit

The Federal Historic Tax Credit (HTC) is under threat of elimination or curtailment during current tax reform discussions. 

Between 2002-2016, the rehabilitation of 169 historic buildings in California—with $468M in federal credits—spurred $2.8 billion in redevelopment. And, the federal credit pays back more to the Treasury than it costs! 

For example, an estimated $493M has been paid in federal taxes on these HTC projects

Despite the HTC’s proven record for stimulating economic development, we are deeply concerned that the program will fall victim to the current federal tax reform efforts. 

Join SOHO, the California Preservation Foundation and the National Trust and send a clear and strong message that the Historic Tax Credit needs to be included within the tax reform proposal. 

Contact your representative in Congress individually using the links provided below and urge them to co-sponsor the Historic Tax Credit Improvement Act, which will further encourage reuse and rehabilitation of historic resources, maximize the impact of state historic credits, and broaden the eligibility requirement so more historic properties are applicable under this program. Thank you for supporting this important legislation! 

Senator Dianne Feinstein 
750 B Street, Ste 1030, San Diego, CA 92101 
Phone: (619) 231-9712 · Fax: (619) 231-1108 

Senator Kamala Harris 
600 B Street, Ste 2240, San Diego, CA 92101 
(619) 239-3884 · (202) 228-3863 fax 

District 49 
Rep. Darrell Issa 
1800 Thibodo Road, Ste #310, Vista, CA 92081 
Phone: (760) 599-5000 · Fax: (760) 599-1178 

District 50 
Rep. Duncan Hunter 
1870 Cordell Ct, Ste 206, El Cajon, CA 92020 
Phone: (619) 448-5201 · Fax: (619) 449-2251 

District 51 
Rep. Juan Vargas 
333 F Street, Ste A, Chula Vista CA 91910 
Phone: (619) 422-5963 · Fax: (619) 422-7290 

District 52 
Rep. Scott Peters 
4350 Executive Drive, Suite 105, San Diego CA 92121 
Phone: (858) 455-5550 

District 53 
Rep. Susan Davis 
2700 Adams Avenue, Ste 102, San Diego, CA 92116 
Phone: (619) 280-5353 · Fax: (619) 280-5311